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Advantages and Defects of Metal Casting

Metal Casting/Gravity die casting/Permanent Mold Casting: aluminum liquid pouring into the metal die by gravity casting method to obtain a casting.

As the mold can be used repeatedly many times, it is called permanent casting. Have also called die casting.

Metal casting has been widely used to produce aluminum alloy castings such as engine cylinder heads, pistons, hubs, and various housings.


The advantages of metal casting:

1. Metal castings with high dimensional accuracy and low surface roughness;

2. Metal casting dense structure, with high strength, hardness and abrasion resistance;

3. Metal type can easily take more technical measures;

4. Casting production in the use of fewer cores, saving sand materials;


Defects of metal casting:

1. Metal die processing difficulties, long manufacturing and adjustment cycle time, one-time high investment;

2. Cannot produce large castings (due to metal die is too bulky, aluminum liquid filling a long time), casting shape should not be too complicated;

3. Metal mold poor air permeability, easy to cast insufficient casting, cold and pinhole and other casting defects;