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Aluminum Die Casting Material Advantages

 Aluminum Die Casting Material Advantages

 Aluminum suitable for die-casting process is die-cast aluminum, usually die-cast aluminum. It has a higher technical content of the core, cooling and other systems. All in all, the material is fed through a central entrance to the cavity created by the injection, forming the part.

 Aluminum die-casting material advantages

 High-pressure and high-speed filling die-casting aluminum die-casting aluminum are two major characteristics. It is commonly used pressure injection pressure from a few thousand to tens of thousands of kPa, or even up to 2105kPa. Filling speed of about 10 ~ 50m / s, and sometimes up to 100m / s or more. Filling time is very short, usually in the range of 0.01 ~ 0.2s.

 1. Good product quality: high precision castings, generally equivalent to 6 to 7, or even up to 4; surface finish, generally equivalent to 5 to 8; higher strength and hardness, the strength is generally higher than sand casting 25 ~ 30%, but the elongation decreased by about 70%; dimensional stability, good interchangeability; die-cast aluminum thin-walled complex castings. For example, the current zinc alloy die-casting aluminum pieces of the minimum wall thickness of up to 0.3mm; aluminum alloy castings up to 0.5mm; minimum casting aperture of 0.7mm; minimum pitch 0.75mm.

 2. High production efficiency: high machine productivity, such as domestic J3 horizontal cold-air die-casting aluminum machine average eight hours die-cast aluminum 600 to 700 times, small hot-die die-casting aluminum machine every eight hours die-cast aluminum 3000 to 7000 times; Die-cast aluminum long life, a pair of die-cast aluminum, die-casting aluminum alloy, life expectancy of up to hundreds of thousands of times, or even millions of times; easy mechanization and automation.  

3. Excellent economic results: due to the size of die-casting aluminum parts, table Pan-clean and so on. Generally no longer directly used for machining, or processing a small amount, so not only improve the utilization of metals, but also reduces the number of processing equipment and man-hours; castings are cheap; can be used to die-casting combination of other metal or non-metallic materials . Saves assembly time and saves metal.