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How to Solve the Porosity of Die Casting Parts


With the development of science and technology, Die Casting applications more widely, it can be said that applied to all fields. However, when in production, die-casting surface often appear in the phenomenon of porosity, affecting the die-casting surface effects, thereby increasing product rejection rate. In order to solve the problem of porosity surface die casting has become an important issue to reduce the rate of die-casting scrap. Here let us explain the reasons for the occurrence of porosity casting and how to solve.

Porosity are involved in the internal cavity of the die-casting gas formed by the hole.


1. Caused by air in the cavity or gas generated by the release agent.
2. Caused by the gas in the alloy liquid.


1. Change the casting program (changes the position of the sprue, size, overflow bag vent, etc., or change the  parting surface).
2. Adjust the injection speed and filling time.
3. Adjust the pressure die-casting.
4. Replace the release agent.
5. Reduce the amount of spray release agent.
6. Adjust casting wall thickness, make it as uniform as possible.
7. Adjust the positions for fast and slow shot velocities.
8. Reduce the alloy liquid gas and oxide content.
9. Control and manage the furnace, so as not to mix oil dirt.