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Methods to Improve the Quality of Aluminum Alloy Die Castings

In recent years, the application of aluminum alloy die casting and zinc alloy die casting has become more and more widely used. In die casting production, the quality of die casting and the speed of the die casting process directly affect the quality and yield of die casting products. So how do we improve its output and quality? The following is a detailed description from a aluminum alloy die casting manufacturer:


1. Choosing good materials: The quality of raw materials directly affects the quality and production efficiency of aluminum alloy die casting. Good raw materials can reduce the wear of the mold, prolong the life of the mold, reduce the cost, and increase the production efficiency.

2. Excellent die and die casting machine: Reasonable die design, timely nitriding to improve the hardness and smoothness of the die work belt, reducing the number of repairs, reducing non-labor time, improving product quality, reducing scrap rate, and maximizing output important.

3. Control at a suitable temperature: A suitable temperature will have a very large impact on the quality of aluminum alloy die casting. Excessively high or low temperatures can cause unpredictable damage.